Copenhagen Rocks

Discover the Best time to Visit Copenhagen Denmark

Weather in Denmark varies greatly by season; so picking the best time to visit Copenhagen is vital to pulling off a successful trip!

As we will discover throughout the course of this post; I think March, May, July, and August are the best times of the year to visit Copenhagen.

Although, there’s no blanket answer.

We are all different, and your idea of too cold and rainy might not line up with mine.

Luckily after picking this post apart, you’ll know the right time for YOU to plan a visit to Copenhagen!

But first things first. We need to break down the weather in Copenhagen, Denmark month by month. Including the rain or snowfall and temperature.

Next, we will dig a little deeper into the different travel seasons and prices.

Finally, we’ll go into detail about some of the best festivals in the country.

Armed with this knowledge you’ll figure out the best time of the year to visit Copenhagen.

Let’s get started.

Weather in Copenhagen Denmark


Winter in Copenhagen

Let’s be honest, the weather in Denmark’s going to have a big part of choosing the best time to visit Copenhagen.

Being in Scandinavian, it’s easy to forget how far north Copenhagen is from the rest of Europe. This means, longer and shorter days, lots of rain, and colder temperatures.

Scroll through the months to find the average temperatures, snow and rainfall, and well as how much daylight your get.

So when is the best time of year to visit Copenhagen!

For the best weather it’s late spring, or early summer. 

Best Time to Visit Copenhagen: Tourist Seasons

Alright, by this point you – at least when it comes to weather- you’re a Copenhagen pro! But let’s take a second to look at a different type of season… tourist seasons.

Not only do tourist seasons affect crowds, and lines. 

But also have a big impact on the prices of hotels and hours of operations for some of Copenhagen’s key attractions. 

And another important thing to think about when choosing the best time to visit Copenhagen. 

Let’s take a quick look at the different tourist seasons to travel in Copenhagen!

Peak Travel Season

Similar too many countries in Europe; Copenhagen’s peak tourist season is during the summer months. With July and August being Copenhagen’s busiest months of the year.

This means you must deal with larger crowds.

However, Copenhagen never draws lengthy lines like some cities in other countries in Europe, like Rome, or Paris.

You can get around Copenhagen during its peak tourist season without fighting massive crowds. This is another perk of visiting Copenhagen.

Tourism in the city also picks up for the Christmas Season. Which is a mystery to me after experiencing the frigid December weather?

Shoulder Season

If you’re fuzzy about the term shoulder season, don’t beat yourself up. It’s not a common term outside of the travel industry.

Shoulder Season refers to the brief gasps of breath between the low tourist season and peak season.

You’ll see some tourism but not much.

Prices are also cheaper in Shoulder Season, compared to peak season, and it’s you have a better chance of getting a table at a Michelin rated restaurant.

Shoulder Season months in Copenhagen are March, April, September, and October.

Low Season in Copenhagen

Just look at the winter weather above. And it’s pretty obvious that most people try and avoid Copenhagen during the winter months. The days are short, the weather is frigid, and there’s a good chance of snow.

Many of the things to do in Copenhagen have reduced hours during the winter as there aren’t many tourists. Of course, less tourism means you get special treatment in a lot of places, and lower prices.

You’re biggest saving will most likely come in the form of accommodation like hostels, Airbnb, and hotels. As an added bonus you can save $40 off your first stay with Airbnb using this link!

Best Time to Visit Copenhagen: Festivals and Events

This is another key factor in planning the best time to visit Copenhagen.

We need to know what’s going on!

So when is the best time to visit Copenhagen? To be honest, the Copenhagen Rocks. And there’s no bad time to visit.

However, when we take into account the weather, festivals, hours of daylight, and hours the sites are open there is no doubt.

Late spring through summer is the best time to visit Copenhagen. (March and May – September)

You will pay a little more in the summer but the sheer amount of things to do makes it worth it.

The peak of winter is the worst time to visit Copenhagen as the days are shorter, fewer things are open, and it’s freezing.

Although you’ll pay slightly less for hotels during this time of the year.
There you go!

And don’t forget to plan your Copenhagen Day Trips and Itinerary before reaching the city.