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56 Epic Day Trips from Copenhagen You Can't Miss (New 2020)

Writing about day trips from Copenhagen is almost a painful experience for me. After all, the Danish capital’s a thriving, vibrant metropolis. There are hundreds of fun things to do in Copenhagen.
But outside the capital, there’s a smorgasbord of fresh adventures throughout Denmark. Rarely visited villages, soft sandy beaches, pristine islands, harrowing adventures above the trees, and towering castles, all of which are begging for you to come to explore.
If you’re looking for a short escape from Copenhagen, we’ve got you covered. Many of the entries on this list are within an hour from downtown Copenhagen. However, a select few are a little further.
Let’s embark on a quest around Denmark and unearth the best day trips from Copenhagen.

The 56 Best Day Trips from Copenhagen in 2020

North Zealand

North Zealand (Or North Sealand, if your Danish) refers to the Danish Riviera. As the name implies, this lies on the northern coast of the country.

One feature that sets North Zealand apart from other rivieras in Europe, like the Italian or French Rivieras, are fewer tourists, and better prices. (although Denmark isn’t the cheapest country to visit.) The Danish Riviera also retains its rustic appeal, natural charm, and hasn’t lost its soul to mass tourism.

North Zealand doesn’t have clearly defined borders. However, many consider the Danish Rivera starting near Sejerø Bay and stretching east to the Sound.

The area has an abundance of day and half day trips from Copenhagen. There are UNESCO nature parks, the historic north jutland region, picturesque seaside towns, castles, adventures, and family outings. We will go more in-depth on some of these outings – like Frederiksborg Castle and Kronborg Castle – below. However, just driving around North Zealand without a plan and living in the moment is one epic day trip.

Top Sights in nordsjælland, denmark (North Zealand)

Frederiksborg Castle.

Kornborg Castle.

Queen Margrethe’s Summer House.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Gilleleje, Tisvilde, Hornbæk and Espergærde Beach



The most well-known day trip from Copenhagen to the Danish Riviera is to the city of Helsingør. 

Helsingør’s the biggest and baddest city in the North of Zealand, though you wouldn’t know it at first glance. (Well it’s big by Danish standards, the Helsingør population is just over 60,000) 

This quiet city retains a quaint charm and atmosphere. It’s an eminent city to walk around. There are seaside pathways, stony streets where you can lose yourself exploring for hours.

Helsingør things to do, notable attractions, and museums that will take up your entire day away from Copenhagen. Most prominently, Hamlet’s Castle (Kronborg Castle); there’s also the Maritime Museum, the Oresund Aquarium. And let’s not forget the lesser-known Marienlyst Castle and the Danish Museum of Science and Technology.

Personally, I’m a fan of the peculiar, yet remarkable, art scattered around the city like the Garbage Fish or the Dancer’s fountain. The city has a lot of things packed into a tiny space, making it a wonderful Copenhagen day trips.

If you are feeling frisky, you can hop on the Helsingør ferry, and after 30 minutes, you’ll arrive into Helsingborg Sweden. (My adopted home.) Here you can explore the old town and castle of this Southern Swedish city. But more on Helsingborg later.

By train it takes 45 minutes from Helsingør to Copenhagen central and vice versa. However, there are some great 

helsingor things to do


Maritime Museum

Oresund Awuarium

Helsingor City Museum

helsingør to copenhagen

The quickest and easiest way from Helsingør to Copenhagen (and vice versa) is by train.

The train goes directly and takes around 45 minutes

Hamlet’s Castle (Kronborg Castle)

Kronborg Castle, recognized as Elsinore in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the dominant site in Helsingør. Towering over the sea in the northern part of the city, you’ll see the castle as soon as you leave the train station. Before heading to the castle, take a second to look across the Øresund, and get a glimpse of Sweden on the other side.

Kronborg Castle’s influence reaches far beyond the fact that it’s immortalized as the Shakespeare castle. Throughout history, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was one of the most vital Renaissance castles in the Northern part of Europe. And used as a strategic stronghold built by King Eric VII in the early 15th century. Sitting at the narrowest point of the Øresund, Kronborg was a base to collect tolls from ships sailing into the Baltic Sea. Although since then, it has been burned down and rebuilt.

But enough history! Why should you visit Kronborg?

Well, it goes without saying that any fan of the play will want to embark on this day trip from Copenhagen immediately. Inside the castle, you can explore the Kronborg dungeon, Kronborg castle chapel, and the crypts. Take note of the statue of Holger the Dane (and the myth that goes with it), the splendid views of the ocean. All in all, the castle has a wealth of tales and history to uncovehar.

If you are visiting in the winter, there’s the Kronborg Castle Christmas Market as well. Kronborg’s one of the best castles in Denmark (its up there with Frederiksborg castle) and well worth a visit.

For those hamlet lovers (like myself), there are guided hamlet tours. Shakespeare festivals in the summer with live productions by the renowned Shakespeare Company. But whatever time of the year, Kronborg Slot’s worth visiting.

kronborg castle tour

Entrance to Kronborg Castle

General entrance to Kronborg castle cost 95 DKK (Which is around 12 Euros).

The castle has student discounts as well. 

Frederiksborg Castle

Without question, Frederiksborg Castle’s one of the best castles in Denmark for travelers to visit.

The sheer size and abundance of wealth contained at Frederiksborg Castle is hard to describe. You need to see them yourself.

Frederiksborg Castle rests on three small islets in the middle of Castle Lake in Hillerød. They built this castle with the purpose of showing off Christian’s IV strength and prosperity. The imposing crimson walls and soaring towers are enveloped by lush gardens.

However, Frederiksborg-Castle veritable treasures exist inside the walls and keep. They are found in the painstaking details of the interior design and the castles’ cultural roots. One of the most famous recreated rooms, the king’s praying chamber in frederiksborg castle chapel, shouldn’t be missed.

Let’s try and paint a small picture. Imagine massive rooms covered in elaborate gold trim, ornate paintings, and intricate ceiling carvings.  And don’t let cold weather stop you from visiting. Frederiksborg castle winter, when the snow is covering the gardens, is a incredible time to visit. 

There’s a lot to see and explore in Frederiksborg-Castle. Making it a great addition to any visit Copenhagen day trips bucket list. Frederiksborg only takes 35 minutes via train or car. And with the Frederiksborg castle copenhagen card you get free entry.

And if your into old sites, and wondering when was frederiksborg castle built? The castle dates back to 1581. 


Roskilde Cathedral & City

At one point and time, Roskilde was the bustling Viking capital of Denmark, And because of this, the city holds a lot of cultural heritage and history. For a moment, let’s forget the Viking Stuff and talk about the other things to do in the city. (after all the Roskilde Viking Museum offers so much to see that it gets its own entry next on the list.)

The Roskilde Cathedral plays an important part in Denmark’s past and present. Built-in 1275, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was the first Gothic Cathedral Built in Scandinavia, and its style soon becomes popular all over Europe. The Cathedral boasts a handful of chapels, elaborate sarcophagi, and a towering Nave. The Cathedral also acts as a mausoleum for the royal family, with over 39 Danish Kings and Queens buried within its grounds.

How to Get to This Day Trip From Copenhagen? Roskilde lies only 25 minutes west of the city by train. The Cathedrals within walking distance from the train station. There’s also the famous Rokilde festival.

Roskilde cathedral hours

October – April

Monday-Saturday: 10.00-16.00
Sunday: 13.00-16.00

May + September

Monday-Saturday: 10.00-17.00
Sunday: 13.00-16.00

June – August

Monday-Saturday: 10.00-18.00
Sunday: 13.00-16.00

Entrance to Kronborg Castle

Adults kr. 60*

Children (0-17 years) free

Senior (65 years) and students kr. 40*

Groups (Groups of minimum 10 pers) 40 pr. person*

Copenhagen Card Free*


On a lighter note, Rockilde’s also the home of RAGNAROCK Museum. This entertaining museum (which its odd exterior) continues to be one of the top things to do in the city. This Roskilde museum takes you on a wild journey from 1950s rock and roll all the way through the pop culture of the 1980s.

Pro Trip: With the Copenhagen Card entry to the Roskilde Cathedral, and RAGNAROCK Museum is free.

Roskilde Viking Museum

The Roskilde Cathedral and RAGNAROCK museum are all well and good. But the premier attractions of the city are the Roskilde Museum and Viking Ship Museum. And these two sites can easily take up your entire day trip from Copenhagen.

The Roskilde Viking Museum takes visitors on a journey through the history of the city. During the middle ages, Roskilde was the epicenter of the Viking world in Denmark. 

See remnants of the past and learn the stories that helped shape Denmark into the country we know today.

Roskilde Viking Ship Museum

No trip through Danish history’s complete without venturing into the world of the Vikings. And the Roskilde Viking Ship Museum has a wealth of Vikings artifacts to discover.

Here you can see 5 ORIGINAL Vikings ships. Get up close to them, and you’ll see the scars of war they still bear. And your imagination runs rampant wondering at the moments of history that these ancient ships have seen. It is incredible.

During certain times of the year, they also have replica ships and Viking sailing tours. 

Dyrehaven (Deer Park)

Looking to see some of Denmark’s nature, without straying too far from Copenhagen? Then Dyrehaven kort, or deer park, might be the perfect day trip for you. Here you’ll find verdant forests and open fields. The gorgeous landscapes ideal for a day of walking, biking, or relaxing with a picnic.

The park’s open year-round; however, the best weather’s during the summer months. Savvy travelers know that pleasant weather brings larger crowds. But the nice weather also means more things to do like the Dyrehaven horse riding and scenic carriage rides.

Here in Deer Park, you’ll escape the noises of the city, the sound of cars, and crowds. The park’s a calm place, an area to get some space, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy a beautiful day in Denmark.

If spending a day wandering a park sounds boring, don’t worry! Dyrehaven lies in a key location and can be combined with other day trips on this list, like the Dyrehaven amusement park – Bakken. And spicing up your day trip from Copenhagen’s a viable option.

A short 20 minute day trip from Copenhagen via train will leave you on the footstep of Dyrehaven nature reserve. There’s also Dyrehaven parkering (parking) so driving’s another great option.

plants and animals in dyrehaven

Red Deer, Fallow, and Sika Deer

Tawny Owls

Black Woodpeckers



dyrehaven map


Bakken never seems to get its due. Mainly because Tivoli Gardens – and its key location in central Copenhagen – steals a lot of the attention as one of the world’s oldest theme parks.

However, head 20 minutes outside the city, and you’ll find Bakken – the oldest theme park in the world.

Isolated in the Deer Park woodlands, this long-forgotten theme park offers a hefty dosage of nostalgia. The park many caters to kids these days. But even without little ones, it’s still invigorating to wander the place that brought theme parks to the world. The park still offers a small variety of rides and games to enjoy.

There are two special seasons of the year to visit. The first is during Harvest Week (where they have Halloween frights, hay bale mazes, and food tours. Christmas is also a fantastic time to visit the park. During the holiday season, the parks transformed into a winter wonderland complete with snow, decorated trees, and lights. On the other hand, Tivoli gardens at night is something special.  

Brakken actually had a tremendous impact on the world? Don’t believe me? Well, Bakken inspired Tivoli Copenhagen (without a doubt of the best things to do in Copenhagen)Tivoli Gardens inspired Walt Disney when building Disney World. And we all know the planet-spanning impact of Disney Theme Parks.

So following the thread, it’s easy to see the impact Bakken has had on the entire planet.

how to get to bakken amusement park from copenhagen

Bakken’s located in Deer Park – neaby Klampenborg. It takes around 20 minutes from downtown Copenhagen.

Bakken vs Tivoli

Bakken is older, but Tivoli is more popular inside Copenhagen and offers more. If you don’t have time for both than pick Tivoli.

Denmark’s TREE  Top Experience

Nature lovers and adventure addicts gather round! You’ll love our next day trip from Copenhagen. Only an hour away from the Danish capital – this towering walkway takes you soaring above the forests of Gisselfeld Klosters Skove. The newly opened, heart-pounding venture is unforgettable. This tall spiral treetop walkway Denmark is a track takes you to the top of a 148-foot-high observation deck. Here you get pristine views of the entire region. Some travelers claim that on a cloudless afternoon, you can see across the sea all the way to Malmö, Sweden.

The structures’ exceptional architecture and treetops walkways make this one of the most iconic adventures in Denmark. Opening in 2019, the Denmark Treetop Tower is the newest day trip from Copenhagen. But also a quick way to conquer a fear of heights. 

The treetop experience is part of Camp Adventure which has 10 crazy treetop courses. (All aren’t as high as the TreeTop Experience.) Camp Adventure treetop experience Denmark tickets cost a reasonable 125 Danish Krone. (The current exchange rate, at the time of writing, equals 18 USD.) 

This is a great day trip if you’ve planned the best time of the year to visit Copenhagen

how to get to camp adventure from copenhagen

Bakken’s located in Deer Park – neaby Klampenborg. It takes around 20 minutes from downtown Copenhagen.

tree top tower denmark info

The easiest way (if you don’t have access to a car) is taking bus 630R. Get off at stop Sydmotorvejen/Ny Næstvedvej. The bus takes around 2 hours.

Check this website for updated bus information. 

Aarhus Denmark

Many travelers aren’t even aware that Aarhus exists, surprising considering that it’s the second-largest city in the country. Aarhus is also an up-and-coming city, and come into its own atmosphere and identity.

The city has a deep history, great nightlife, a bunch of off the beaten path sites, and an annual Viking Festival. A few highlights include the large open-air museum of Den Gamle By, one of Europe’s largest art museums, the ARos, and another amusement park of Tivoli Friheden. The ARos shows off some of the fantastic Aarhus architecture

Aarhus’s makes a solid choice for day-trippers looking to check out another Danish City.

And why it might not be an “enormous” city by Western Standards (Aarhus population is just over 330,000.) an Aarhus day trip from Copenhagen is worth the time.

Whether by car or train, Aarhus to Copenhagen takes around 3-hours.

aarhus pronunciation

Aarhus to Copenhagen

Train’s a quick and comfortable way to travel between Copenhagen and Aarhus. 

The train takes just over 3 hours, so an early start’s recommended


Dragør a quick day trip from Copenhagen, which is a slight part of its appeal. But the tiny village, on the island of Amager, overflows with charm, pizzazz, and panoramic views. Dragør brims authenticity and appeal that travelers will eat up.

This vibrant fishing village is easily reached by bike from the city. The quaint village is filled with charming, thatched roofs and colorful homes, stony streets, and alleyways. Many of the houses are adorned with colorful flowers. Head to the seaside for expansive views, and or the harbor for waterside cafes, Dragør restaurants and delices, and local wine. Without doubt, Dragør claims a spot as one of the prettiest villages in Zealand.

The village has a fantastic open-air market that goes all year. Here you can buy the catch of the day from the fishermen or locally sourced vegetables. If you want to see local daily life in Denmark, then Dragør’s a glorious day trip from Copenhagen.

Pro Tip, Dragør pronunciation: Danish pronunciation: [ˈtʁɑːwˌøɐ̯ˀ] English: DragˌOr

DRAGØR meaning

 Drag – comes from dragging boats ashore. Ør refers to a place or a sand or gravel bach., So put it together the beach you drag boats ashore.

dragør denmark to copenhagen

In absence of car the best way to get to Dragør from
Hovedbanegården, Tivoli, in downtown Copenhagen.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

The tiny yet charming coastal town of Humlebæk holds one of the best collections of modern art in the world. Surprised? I was too.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art has a large and impressive permanent collection like the impressive Lights of the Souls installation. Six more exhibits that feature everything from crazy lighting effects to bronze sculptors. The museum’s been open since 1958 and houses from all over the world. The entire museums take you a wild ride of art, architecture, and nature.

Not sold yet? Head to their website and check out the virtual “wing” of the museum where you can see over 750 portraits and art pieces as well as interviews with artists and writers.

The museum has earned the reputation as the leading international museum. And become a major tourist attraction in Denmark, luring visitors from all over the world.

Located in North Zealand in the humble town of Humlebæk. Art isn’t the only thing you’ll find here. The setting’s equally breathtaking. This museum lies in a picturesque park overlooking the churning water of the Sound.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art events are constantly being updated, so make sure to check the website. 

Entry to the Louisiana Museum: Copenhagen Card grants you free admission. 

Louisiana museum of modern art mission

They follow the MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York: for expanding the range of modern art to include architecture, design, photography, film and other genres..

Copenhagen to Louisiana museum train

By train from Copenhagen Central it takes around 35 minutes to Humlebæk station. From here you can walk or take bus 388 (The fare’s included in your train ticket)

The Island of Fyn (Funen)

I hate to use vague adjectives like atmospheric, magical, or majestic. But those three words flood my brain when I picture the Island of Fyn. The island holds a majority day trips from Copenhagen, but also some of the coolest things to see in the country. Funen destinations will have you jaw on the floor.

Fyn’s home to some of the best castles (slots in Danish) in Denmark. The best castles to visit on Fyn are Nyborg Slot, Broholm Gods, Harridslevgaard Slot, Egeskov Slot, and Holckenhavn Slot. On this tiny island, there are 123 castles!

 A handful of towns (which we will talk about next) peppered across the island are as historic as they are exciting. And as charming as they are unique, it’s easy to lose yourself in them. And let’s not forget Odense, the third largest city in Denmark. 

And don’t get me started on the landscape of Fyn! The island’s home to towering famous beaches in Denmark, vast meadows, still lakes, and thick forest. Perhaps Fyn’s the most beautiful of Denmark islands.

There’s no denying it, Fyn’s awesome, and an island well worth your time.

funen denmark things to do

Egeskov Castle

Hans Christian Anderson House

Funen Village

Odense’s Street Food

Bridge Walking the Island of Fyn

copenhagen to funen

Bus is the best way to reach Fyn. The bus takes around 2 hours and departs twice a day from Copenhagen. 

fyn denmark map


Odense, the capital on the island of Fyn, has numerous reasons to visit. You could spend your entire day here and still only see a fraction of what the city offers travelers. Odense could span this entire list of a day trips from Copenhagen.

Odense’s first claim to fame; it’s the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. The famous author was born and raised on Fyn. And his experiences in this charming fairytale esque town played a part in shaping his world-famous stories. You can visit his childhood home, and five museums to learn about Denmark’s most famous author – they even named the Odense airport after him.  And since all entries are included on a single ticket, there is no reason not too.

For you foodie’s out there – don’t think I forgot about you – there’s the Odense’s Street Market. Here locals and tourists come together to celebrate the fabulous cuisine that the city has to offer. 

The food market is located in the Storms Pakhus’ raw industrial warehouse (in the harbor area). Inside your taste buds will light up as you wander through over 24 food stalls and take part in the 12 creative workshops. This markets a must for anyone into gastronomy.

You could spend a week exploring the island of Funen, but it’s also a wonderful day trip from Copenhagen. 

Pro Tip, Odense pronunciation in Danish odənsə/, [ˈoðˀn̩sə]  English: It’s really hard to pronounce. It’s something like O-then-se.

2nd Pro Tip, Odense meaning: The city has a awesome meaning for fans of Norse myhtology. The city means “Odin’s sanctuary”.

odense, denmark points of interest

The three best places to hang out in Odense.

the funen village

odense castle

egeskov castle

odense to copenhagen

There are trains that take you directly Odense. The journey can take as little as an hour and fifteen minutes. 

From CPH airport you can take the free shuttle to terminal three and hop on the train to Odense. 

The Cliffs of Møn

Head to Southern Zealand, cross onto the South Sea Islands, and you’ll soon discover the sprawling Cliffs of Møn. Jutting up from a narrow beach space, these immaculate white cliffs are a sight to behold. The brooding summits of cliff Mon stand at over 300 feet. Making Møn, the biggest cliff in Denmark.

The regions often referred to as the Cold Caribbean of Denmark, a protected part of the country. Partly because of the wide variety of beautiful flora and fauna (there are 18 different uncommon orchids species). But also because of the geological landscape’s rare.

Affected by a meteor impact – that happened on the other side of the planet – the cliffs are rife with over 7 million years of history. Visit the activity center that will take you on a journey through time, starting with the Cretaceous Period over 70 million years ago.

The lack of light pollution makes for great stargazing at the Cliffs of Møn – fall and winter are the best months to visit. During these interminable winter nights, the sky’s ablaze with the light of millions of stars. And on a clear night, you may even catch a glimpse of the arms of the Milky Way. The Cliffs of Møn are in the top two places in Denmark for stargazing.

If you don’t have time to make it to Møn, then Stevns Klint (which we talk about soon) closer, and another great option.

There are Copenhagen to Møns Klint tours.

things to do in møn

Møns Klint

GeoCenter møns klint




møns klint from copenhagen

There’s no direct train to møns klint. Take the train to Vordingborg and then hop on bus 660R towards Stege

Note: Bus 678 takes you closer to the cliffs. 

Stevns Klint

Want to see some massive cliffs, and swirling seaside but don’t have the time to journey all way the to Møn Klint? Well, visiting Stevns Klint’s a close alternative.

Lying off the coast of Zealand, these massive cliffs aren’t quite as grand as Møn. But that’s not to say they don’t warrant a visit. Most of the crenelated coastline’s made up of peaceful, rocky beaches, encompassed by white cliffs, rising up from the icy sea swells, offering up expansive ocean views.

The Stevns Klint UNESCO World Heritage Site is bursting with historical significance, but also holds fun adventures for the entire family.

What’s cool about this site is that it shows the history of a meteorite impact that crashed into Mexico over 65 million years ago. Amazingly the site retains a well-preserved record of the ash cloud, created after the devastating impact. The Stevns Klint meteor left a detailed fossil record shows the sequence of fauna and micro-fauna. Giving us a timeline after the mass extinction. The Stevns Klint geology site stretches for 15 km. To this day, the areas remain rich in fossils – who knows you may even find one. Stevns Klint, a fantastic outdoor day trip from Copenhagen! And one that every type of traveler will enjoy.

Fun FAct: what type of rock is Stevns Klint made of?

These cliffs are made out of limestone.

copenhagen to stevns klint

Stevns Klint around an hour from Copenhagen, but with train transfers it can take much longer. 

Day Trips from Copenhagen to Sweden

Copenhagen sits on the border of the two countries, meaning you have a few different options to take a day trip from Copenhagen to Sweden. In fact, by train from Copenhagen, you can pass the border within 30 minutes and be in Malmö. This puts Sweden at the top of the countries to visit near Copenhagen list.

Within an hour by train, and ferry you can find yourself walking through the stony streets and castle ruins of Helsingborg.

Whether you choose a day trip from Copenhagen to Malmö and Lund or Helsingborg, visiting Southern Sweden (Skåne) is worth it.

Here are a few of the best best day trips to Sweden from Copenhagen.

Pro tip: Even though both countries are in the EU when traveling from Denmark to Sweden via train or ferry, there’s a good chance that immigration will check your passport, make sure you bring it.

wonderful copenhagen day trips to Sweden





Hop on the train and head across the Øresund Bridge (That connects Sweden and Denmark), and you’ll arrive in Malmö. Malmö’s The quickest day trip from Copenhagen to Sweden is Malmö

Malmö also has a scenic old town, good food scene, and historic sites. There’s the Malmö hus Castle (Which is one of the oldest Renaissance castles in Scandinavia.)

Malmö’s also known for its cool atmosphere, shopping, and art scene, and dancing. The Lilla Torg – a small neighborhood outside the main square – is my favorite area of the city.

Malmö’s a day trip for those who want to see what a Swedish city like, do some shopping, and try Swedish cuisine! Many people consider

Many people consider Malmö a half day trips from Copenhagen

Things to do in Malmö

St. Peter´s Church.
The city’s oldest pharmacy.
Malmö, Sweden.
Historic Malmöhus Castle. Author: Test.
The Turning Torso building at West Harbor.
Turning Torso in Malmö

copenhagen to malmö

Copenhagen to Malmö is as easy as hoping on the train and heading across the bridge that divides Denmark and Sweden. 


If I could give out an award for the most beautiful city in Southern Sweden, I’d give it to Helsingborg. The more time I spend in the city, the more I fall in love with it.

Helsingborg, on the other side of the Oresund sound from Helsingør’s, a great introduction to Sweden. The city has cool cafes, a long beachfront, good shopping, castle ruins, and a new cultural house, the largest park in Southern Sweden, and a cozy old town.

The major attraction is the Kärnan medieval castle. Helsingborg’s a little city, but a city with a lot of charm, and an excellent day trip from Copenhagen to Sweden.

Getting there: You can get to Helsingborg, Sweden, a few different ways. Taking a direct train straight from Copenhagen central station to Helsingborg is the quickest, but most expensive. 

If you can’t find a direct train, you can train from Copenhagen to Malmö and hop on Helsingborg train there. There’s also a

You can also grab the train from Copenhagen to Helsingør, from there, jump on the ferry to Helsingborg. The route takes twenty more minutes, than the direct train, but will save you $10.

helsingborg things to do

Sofiero Palace
Helsinborg Beach Area
Church of Saint Mary
Frediksdal Open Air Museum
Botanical Gardens

helsingborg, sweden map

Sofiero Palace

When day tripping to Helsingborg, Sweden you could easily spend most of your day at this royal mansion. Sofiero Palace’s a top tier tourist attraction in Helsingborg. Built-in the late 1800s, the palace was a country mansion for the royal family for over a hundred years. Much of the palace we see today was refurbished by Gustaf VI Adolf and the Crown Princess Maraget in the early 1900s.

The royal couple received this palace as a wedding present. Their biggest contribution is the elaborate Sofiero rhododendron they planted.

These gardens, which have around 500 different varieties of flowers, rival the mansion for elegance. And to tell the truth, are the main draw for most visitors. The Sofiero gardens are commonly called the most beautiful palace gardens in the entire world.

The Swedish royal family still owns the palace and sometimes stays on the upper levels. However, Sofiero’s mainly a tourist attraction these days. The palace has the Sofiero restaurant, cafe, and contemporary art exhibitions.

sofiero castle entrance fee

Ticket to Sofiero Palace (Or sofiero slott öppettider) are 150 SEK (Around 13 Euros or 15 USD)

sofiero on the map


Lund’s the third, and final Swedish city that makes this list of day trips from Copenhagen. Throughout history, Lund has a reputation as a religious center. It was the seat of the archbishopric who held sway over all of Scandinavia. 

And even though Sweden’s, not very religious anymore, the Romanesque Lund cathedral still stands as evidence of its past.

Today, Lund’s known as a university town and has that vibe to it. The most popular things to do in Lund are the open-air museum of Kulturen, Lund Cathedral, the Drotten Church ruins, and the Botanical Garden.

Lund’s has a young vibe, great museums, and historic sites. It’s a solid choice for a day trip to Sweden.

lund, sweden Map

lund, sweden to copenhagen

The easiest way to get to this day trip is by train, the cities nearby Malmö, Sweden. 

And takes around 30 minutes from downtown Copenhagen.

Day Trip from Copenhagen to West Zealand

Taking a day trip from Copenhagen to the west region Zealand ushers you away from the coastal area and into the lush and diverse nature of the country. Here you can enjoy rolling hills, a tiny forest, and landscape that played a role in Demark history, and once an area that the Vikings once called home.

Today, they use much of this land for winemaking (Denmark has wine worth checking out). If you go farther west, you can catch a ferry that connects the isle of Denmark. Check out the harbor town of Rørvig or hop across the water to picturesque Hundested. We’re about to go into more detail on places in West Zealand.

However, West Zealand’s a beautiful part of the island to drive and stop wherever the road takes you.


Rørvig, an off the beaten path, compact town, marks a charming spot on the west of Zealand.

Known for the ferry port to the Hundested, many people – wrongly overlook Rørvig. Local boutiques line roads, boasting handmade goods and wares; bakeries waft the smell of homemade sweets like strawberry and rhubarb cakes onto the street.

And don’t forget the bright yellow churches of Rørvig Kirke and Kongestenen. The shoulder to shoulder houses in the old city boast thatched roofs and timber houses. Follow the narrow streets up the hill, and you’ll soon find yourself standing at a windmill.

Looking for a beach? Head to the coastal area of Korshage and make sure to visit the historical landmark of Danmarks Midtpunkt.

Rørvig’s charming, but it might not be an ideal day trip for all travelers. Rørvig’s for travelers are looking to get a glimpse of everyday small-town life in Denmark. If that isn’t you, and your end the area you can still enjoy spending a couple of hours wandering the small shops and sightseeing around the city. Rørvig might be small, but it holds a lot of charm, fun, and has some lovely bed and breakfasts – in case you want to turn this day trip into a weekend getaway. .


Another lesser-known day trip from Copenhagen is to the small town of Hundested. This city’s easily reached via ferry from Rørvig; or via train from the capital.

The salt-sprayed Hundested Harbour, lying along the bay, might be my pick for the most scenic area in West Zealand. The harbor showcases the old port, art galleries, the glass factory, and a brewery. In Hundested, you can step into the watery shoes of a fisherman and try your hand at crab catching. Don’t forget to check out all the notable hundested restaurants.

Around Hundested, there’s the Knud Rasmussen House, the iconic Lighthouse at Hesselø, and the archaeological site at Carlsten.

Hundested’s also a bustling city with a lot of fun festivals like, the sand sculpting festival that takes place every June. There’s also the harbor festival and fish festival that takes place during the summer 

The Hundested Kommune (region’s) full of magnificent ocean scenery. The peppered hills, compact forest, and sweeping beaches dominate the region.

An ideal day trip is to take the Rørvig, spend a few hours there, hop on the Hundested-Rørvig ferry. Here spend the afternoon before taking the train back to CPH (Copenhagen Central).

Protip: If you have time make sure to save some time for the watery village of Frederiksværk.


Vallø Castle’s (Or Vallø Slot) located south of Copenhagen – a few miles away from Køge. Vallø doesn’t resemble a castle in the traditional sense of the word. Rather it looks like a manor house that someone squashed between two towers – I absolutely love the design of Vallø. Vallø’s a fantastic example of a 16th-century renaissance building in Denmark. Sadly the castle endured a disastrous fire in the late 1800s; however, it was rebuilt to retain its plush renaissance style.

Even with its unique design, Vallø isn’t a well-known castle in Zealand, and there’s a good chance that you’ll have Vallø Castle all to yourself. But the castle holds an air of strength, beauty, and the castle has historical significance. Nestled amidst a massive forest, you can also spend hours strolling the castle estate.

And because this off the beaten path castle rarely attracts a crowd, it’s a perfect escape from the Danish capital.

Lyngby Open Air Museum (Old Denmark)

Head to the northern part of Copenhagen for a fun-filled day. Known as Lyngby, only 30 minutes outside downtown Copenhagen. Lyngby’s an immensely immersive experience that leads you through daily life in Old Denmark.

This open-air museum features over 100 different architectural buildings. From barns to manor houses, you can experience Denmark through the ages.

Ready to have your mind blown? All the buildings are original homes throughout time. Each building was deconstructed from somewhere in Denmark. They were then moved to the open-air museum where it was put back together perfectly. These fully furnished houses encompass more than 300 years of designs.

Lyngby massive, and covers 86 acres of land and over 50 farms. It represents the history of almost every corner of the country. The projects sheer size and scope is mind-blowing. 

The National Museum of Denmark is cool. But at this family favorite day trip, history comes to life. Hands down this is one of the coolest museum Denmark has to offer. Plus, one of the best Copenhagen attractions.

A fun fact about Denmark’s Lyngby Museum. Lyngby’s one of the biggest, and oldest open-air museums in the entire world. 

Lyngby Open Air Museum Tickets

Adult 80 DKK

Family Ticket (1 child + 1 adult) 70 DKK

Child under 18 Free

The open air museum tickets might cost more on holidays. Check the website for more details. 


Lolland-Falster, an epic day trip from Copenhagen, offers monumental outdoor activities, indelibly wild landscapes, salt-washed bays, and charming small towns.

Lolland-Falster, Denmark has something to offer every type of traveler. Nature lovers soak in the outstanding adventures like sailing, hiking, cycling, golfing, and angling. 

Or head to the uncrowded beach, if you’re looking for a more relaxed trip—the small town on Nakskov, a perfect base to explore around the area.

Those traveling with a family will find the peaceful atmosphere of Lolland Kommune (region) welcoming. 

Take the little ones on an unforgettable safari around Knuthenborg, the biggest safari park in Northern Europe. Don’t forget the Labyrinth Lolland-Falster, which offers an entire day of fresh air, and entertainment. The entire family will have a blast trying to navigate the maze, and testing your trivia skills for helpful clues through the labyrinth.

Other highlights of Looand are the massive Stonehenge/ Easter islandesque monument of Dodecalith. There’s historic manners, art galleries, lakes, and Fjords.

If that’s not enough, then there’s the smaller island of Smålandsfarvandet sitting to the north of Lolland,

But to be honest, there’s so much to do in Lolland that is the next five entries will focus on this area.

lolland map

copenhagen to lolland

Driving takes just over an hour. However,without a car it can take upwards of 3 hours. 

You get there by public transport.From København H head towards Nykøbing. Then to Maribo St.

Knuthenborg Safari Park

We touched on Knuthenborg Safari Park a little bit above, but the park deserves its own entry. This is a favorite among both locals and travelers in the Lolland-Falster area. 

Located in the former medieval manor of Arsmarke, this park covers 7km north of Maribo and acts as one of the biggest draws to the region.

At Knuthenborg, you can get up close and personal with rare animal species and head out on an African Safari. See larger than life animals such as Siberian Tigers, Wildebeest, Rhinos, Arctic Wolves, and Giraffes.

Little ones will love the giants that call the Dinosaur forest home.

Knuthenborg’s also home to Denmark’s largest nature and water playground. They are also building the largest elephant plant in Europe to help former circus elephants; they will soon have the elephants move in.

This thrilling park’s great for couples, friends, and families.

Many of these animals roam the grounds at their own leisure.

Knuthenborg Safari Park tickets

Ticket adult DKK 235,00 DKK (Online 188,00)

Ticket child (3-11 years) DKK 145,00

Knuthenborg Safaripark map

Marielyst Beach

Marielyst Strand’s the most beautiful beaches in Denmark. The pristine white sandy shores overlook the calm ocean. The entire area is captivating. In fact, Marielyst Strand has been voted the best beach in Denmark multiple years running.

Imagine pristine white sandy stretching for 10km. Small, icy rollers of the sea breaking across the coast.

Nearby are summer cottages, hotels, and small campsites. Marielyst Beach acts as a peaceful day trip for Copenhagen. You might even decide to rent a Marielyst sommerhus (summerhouse) and stay longer.

The downside for swimmers is that the waters are shallow. Although this is a plus for families with little ones. Another perk of Marielyst Beach is that the lifeguard towers open every day during the summer months from 11 am to 7 pm.

Part of the landscape is flanked by cliffs, which makes a magnificent spot to seek out refuge in the shade.

What’s more, a stone throws away from the beach is Marielyst, Denmark. This small, seaside town has all the necessities you’ll need for your Danish Holiday.

Nakskov Fjord Nature Park

Those on the hunt for untouched terrain will fall in love with Nakskov Fjord. The Fjord’s a compilation of 10 islands embodies a bit of Lolland’s – maybe even Denmark’s – most captivating vistas.

The cove has lively adventures, surf spots, exquisite nature, and distinct flora, fauna, and wildlife- the shallow water makes the park a hotspot for water birds. Spend your time exploring via boat trips, guided tours, and biking tours. All of which lets you dive headfirst into this unspoiled, vast nature.

There’s also public access to the largest island on the Fjord, Enehøje.

Nakskov Fjord Nature Park covers 4 miles (8km) of the long inlet of Indrefjorden – on the west of Lolland. And an outdoor lovers’ perfect day trip from Copenhagen.

Nature Park Maribosøerne

Nature Park Maribosøerne, or Maribos Islands National Park, is another one of the best day trips from Copenhagen.

The conservation area, sitting in the middle of Lolland, marks another of Denmark’s best areas for nature. Those traveling to Lolland, shouldn’t miss it. The park has a plethora of birds and wildlife. Want a wide variety of landscape? Well, there’s marches, meadows, forest. What other landscape could you want?

Notably, the park’s famous because of its four lakes; Søndersø, Røgbølle Lake, Hejrede Lake, Nørresø. But there are also manor houses as well.

The diverse landscape, lakes, and historical houses make Nature Park Maribosøerne a great day trip to explore the beauty of Denmark.


Not feeling all the nature, animals, and beaches mentioned above. Then head to Maribo. This charming city arguably has the most things to do on the entire island. There’s the Museum Train (Museumsbanen, if you can pronounce it). There’s also the 700-year-old castle of Ålholm Castle, just twenty minutes outside of Maribo in the town of Nysted.

Two other notable sites are the U-359 Submarine and the Green World Zoo. To the north and south are the lakes of Nørresø and Søndersø respectively.

When it comes to things to do, the small town of Maribo -population almost 6,000 – punches well above its weight class.


One last place we need to talk about in Lolland-Falster Komme is the largest town on the island of Falster, Nykøbing. Nykøbing’s an old fortress town with castle ruins, tall towers, and crumbling ruins. The city sits on the banks of the Guldborgsund and has a charming marina area.

Head downtown Nykøbing to discover two fantastic museums in the City Museum, and the Middle Ages Center. But also lovely pedestrian streets filled with cafes, restaurants, and local shops.

Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle’s hailed as one of the most iconic Renaissance castles in whole of Europe. Surrounding the castle grounds is a large moat that envelops the splendid castle and lavish gardens. 

The Castle dates back to 1554 and was built by Frands Brockenhus-Schack. Oak pillars make up the foundation of these pilings and have led to the legend that this castle took an entire oak forest to build.

Much of the castle has remained untouched by time for the last 400 years; however, the banquet hall was reconstructed in 1975. The opulent rooms, garden maze, and massive halls are open to the public daily. They even has an Egeskov Castle festival.

Overall, Egeskov’s an iconic castles of Denmark.

In the winter months there’s also the Egeskov Castle Christmas Market

Egeskov Castle Facts

The Castle dates back to 1554.

There are 66 rooms in the castle.

The castle takes you on a journey through over 400 years of history..

The castle has tropihes from Africa. 

how to get to egeskov castle from copenhagen

Train’s the best way to get to Egeskov Castle. It takes around 3 hours and cost around 140 – 200 kr. 


It’s feasible to take a day trip from Copenhagen to Bornholm. However, the island works much better as a weekend getaway. The “pearl of the baltic” is an island that’s home to laid back beaches, magnificent views, and captivating small towns. Bornholm’s sunniest place in Denmark and many Danes refer to it as the sunshine island.

The Bornholm beaches are the biggest lure to the island. And there’s no shortage of them.

Bornholm has a couple of charming small towns (the entire Bornholm population is 39,662) in which to base your getaway.

There’s the major town, Rønne, home to hundreds of timber houses and a wonderful port area. There’s Gudhjem, the summer hotspot, and fun small town. And we can’t overlook the colorful village of Svaneke.

A few remarkable things to do around the island include, visiting Dueodde Beach, the ruins of Hammershus, and the inspiring round church of Østerlars Kirke, and the still waters of Opal Lake.

Need more reasons to visit? Well, Bornholm’s making a name for itself as a foodie hotspot.

Bornholm worth visiting! Many Danes consider the visit a pilgrimage that every person in Denmark should undertake at least once

bornholm Beaches



Næs Strand

Sømarken Bornholm

Boderne Bornholm

Stampen, Onsbæk, Galløkken Bornholm

how to get to bornholm

Drive across the Øresund Bridge to Ystad, Sweden. From there takes the fast boat. ( The fast ferry takes around an hour and a half.).

bornholm Map

Den Blå Planet

At first, Den Blå Planet might seem like a minor Copenhagen day trip. I mean, it’s only around 20 minutes from the central station and close to the airport.

While it’s not far from Copenhagen’s city center, Den Blå Planet (Or the National Aquarium Denmark), the sheer volume of activities will they offer will take up your entire day.

Den Blå Planet’s the largest aquarium in Scandinavian. It houses over 50 exhibits and aquamarines and holds over 7 million liters of water. The star of the show, the underwater tunnel, let’s you get up close and personal with aquatic life. Den Blå Planet has a varied amount of species from the Giant Pacific octopus to hammerhead sharks.

The Aquarium also has learning areas set aside for youngsters. And an equatorial rainforest complete with frogs, piranhas, and unusual flora and fauna.

Spending the day at Den Blå Planet’s one of the best things to do in Copenhagen for couples, and families. This could even be a half day trips from Copenhagen

One person gave Copenhagen aquarium review that sums it up nicely.

“A really beautiful place, suitable for both adults and children. A lot of different fishes, clean and well organized.”

aquarium copenhagen price

Adult (from age 12) 185 DKK
Child (age 3 – 11) 100 DKK

Getting to Den Blå Planet

The quickest way is to take the train to Københavns Lufthavn, which takes around 24 minutes.

Of course, this could be a bike day trip from Copenhagen if you’re adventurous. 


You might not know this, but Lego was started in Denmark. And another family fueled day trip is at Legoland. This is an amusement park that pays tribute, while simultaneously takes Legos to the next level. This park, Legoland Billund, has Lego waterfalls, cities, rides, attractions, and even a 4D Cinema.

Some of the Legoland Denmark rides include Lego Canoes to Lego Safaris and Laser Mazes. Legoland has a lot of fun things for the entire family. And a mecca for Lego lovers on a pilgrimage.

Full disclosure: Unless you have Lego mania, or on a mission to visit every theme park in the world, Legoland works best for those with kids. If you’re traveling in a group, there are better day trips from Copenhagen.

The park’s, located in Billund, a few hours away from downtown Copenhagen! So leaving early, or staying in Billund, overnight’s a must for this day trip. 

hotels near legoland billund

Legoland Castle Hotel

Hotel Legoland

Zleep Hotels

Hotel Propellen

legoland billund tickets

One Day: 359 DKK (Online)

Two Days: 488 DKK (Online Price)

legoland billund opening hours

Hours vary by day, but typically run between 10am and 8pm.

Church of Our Lady Kalundborg

We’re treading tricky ground here as Denmark has several churches called the Church of Our Lady. In fact, if you just google Church of Our Lady Denmark, it will bring up the Copenhagen Cathedral. But wait, before you go off googling let me tell you about Church of Our Lady Kalundborg.

This church, around an hour from Copenhagen, sits in the town of Kalunborg. And while I don’t think the lengthy trip is worth that church alone. But when it’s combined with Kalundborg’s old town and the museums makes for one epic day trip from Copenhagen.

The precise date of the church’s contraction is unknown; however, most believe it dates back to the 12th century. This red-brick church features tall octagonal towers standing at over 120 feet. The interior’s adorned with a baroque style altar and granite palm motifs. It’s a stunning church.

The church’s an impressive sight, and when put together with everything else Kalunborg offers, it makes for one incredible day trip from Copenhagen.

The Six Forgotten Giants

Did you know that on the outskirts of Copenhagen, there lurk six massive giants? They dominate their domain, and who knows where you’ll find them? You might stumble upon them while wandering the thick forest. Or perhaps one is napping by the cool waterside, pondering their next meal on a hillside, or taking over a meadow. Who knows what these behemoths are up too?

In reality, these giants are an impressive work of art from Thomas Dambo. There’s one for each of the six municipalities outside Copenhagen. What’s cool – and typical Danish fashion to be honest – is that these giants are entirely made out of recycled wood.

The lesser-known 6 Giants Copenhagen are a mind-blogging project. For off the beaten path adventurers, seeking to wander away from the popular art galleries, and famed museums, it doesn’t get better. These artisan treasures are a memorable way to spend a day traipsing far off Copenhagen’s quintessential tourist trail.

the 6 forgotten giants map

the six forgotten giants locations are around Copenhagen’s different districts. 

Here to the website to see the locations. 

how to get to the forgotten giants – copenhagen

As they are spread around there are many ways to get to these awesome landmarks. Have fun with the journey. 

Lejre Land of Legends

Catapult yourself back in time and into the middle of the Viking age. Lejre Land of Legends is unlike other day trips from Copenhagen. It’s a stunning reconstruction of history. History brought to life in this open-air museum.

You’ll find no roller coasters here in this theme park. They are replaced with Iron Age Battles, watery canoes, and a preindustrial society.

Walkthrough the largest Viking hall in Denmark, while enjoying all the painstaking detail put into every nook and cranny. Paddle down lake on a dugout canoe, test your skills in a battle with a bow and arrow, and walk through the thatched roof houses and artisan shops. And make sure to visit the Lejre Museum.

At Lejre Land of Legends, thousands of years of history come to life and let you be a part of it.

Lejre Land of Legends is part reenactments park, part archaeology project, part family theme park. It’s one crazy combination, but somehow it works out beautifully.

Lejre Land of Legends Map

Getting To Lejre Land of Legends

The parks around 40 minutes by car from Copenhagen. And only 15 minutes from Roskilde. 

The place is also free with the Copenhagen Card. 


Hornbæk’s a beloved day trip from Copenhagen during the summer months. During the scorching days it welcomes visitors to relax, cool down, and appreciate the seaside charm and white sandy beaches. This coastal village is perfect for laying on the beach and window shopping. Imagine wandering through the small town, eating homemade ice cream while looking through the hand made goods at the local shops.

Hornbæk, isn’t just a summer hotspot though, the city has a wealth of amazing adventures that span the entire year. Whether you are looking for beach hikes, forest, sailing, food, or a small glimpse of local life, you’ll find it at Hornbæk.

Hornbæk’s has a glorious explosion of street food over the last few years. Now, the cities considered one of the best places to eat in the entire country! Making it a great summertime day trip for foodies.


copenhagen to hornbæk

Hornbæk’s around an hour north of Denmark via car. By bus it takes around an hour and a half. 

Gavnø Slot’s Tulip Festival

Gavnø Castle’s Tulip Festival differs from a lot of the other entries on this list, as the festival is a seasonal event. However, if you’re traveling in Denmark at the right time, then promise me you won’t miss it.

Located in Gavnø Slot Park, sit these famous tulip gardens, and from mid-April through late May, hold the largest tulip festival in the country. Here you’ll find a rainbow of countless colors, as thousands of tulips overtake the entire area. They plant these tulips in October, and each year features a distinct style, theme, flower formations, and color combinations.

The sheer amount of love, care, and creativity is breathtaking.

Hven Island

On paper Hven Islands small, around 7.5 km2. Or 2.5 Kilometers Wide, and 4.5 Kilometers long. Only 360 people call this island home, year-round.

But you’d be wrong if you judged Hven by its size. These charming islands packed with sites and experiences that travelers love. The islet has the salt-sprayed nature reserved along the coast. As you walk the paths and climb 120 feet to take in a marvelous view of the enclave, don’t forget to check out the rock carvings that date back to the bronze age.

Hven’s a biking day trip from Copenhagen. That’s to say, the most popular thing to do on the island is bike around the island, stopping at the local shops, breweries, and art galleries along the way. 

Hven also has the extraordinary Sankt Ibb’s old church, the Tycho Brahe Museum, the forested canopy of lovers’ lane, the Hven whiskey brewery, the rare durum wheat bread, and even alpacas. Hven’s known for its world class whiskey.

Hven (Or Ven in Swedish) works as both a day trip from Copenhagen and as a weekend getaway. The untouched island lies between Sweden and Denmark in Öresund.

Hven Hotels

Camp Ven

House of Ven

Vens Vandrarhem

Nova Harmonia

how to go hven island from copenhagen

From Copenhagen head to Nyhavn, then take the ferry. The trips takes around 1 and 45 minutes. 

helsingborg to ven island

From Helsingborg head to Landskrona. For there catch the ferry. 

Stargazing on Nyord

Nyord’s an island of Denmark, lying in the Baltic sea. It’s close to Møn – which we mentioned earlier.

The locations not the only thing it has in common with Møn. If you remember, I mentioned the Møn was one of two places for the best stargazing in Denmark. Well – yep, you guessed it – Nyord’s the other one.

In fact, Nyord is only one of two places I know in Europe where you can experience the “Dark Sky.” Nyord lets you see the sky with no light population. A dark sky devoid of man-made light breathtakingly opens the heavens. You’ll see millions of stars in the sky, and reflect in the sea hundreds of feet below you. On a cloudless night, you might even catch a glimpse of the Milky Ways arms.

The best time to see the dark sky is during the winter when the nights are longer. There’s also dark sky hiking guides, and photo safaris that open the sky in an entirely fresh way.

If you have time, I highly suggest a stargazing night trip to Nyord.

Nyord Island

Stargazing isn’t the only draw to Nyord. The island has bird reserves, spacious meadows, and carefree charm.

The famed store, Noorbohandelen, offers an impeccable selection of hard alcohol from all over the world. Nyord’s also known for whiskey, schnapps, and bitters.

Nyord Map

how to get to Nyord island from copenhagen

Driving is by far the easiest way to get from Copenhagen to Nyord. 

Take the train from  København H to Køge St. Connect to the train that takes you  Vordingborg St.. And from there you’ll need to get a bus to Nyord. 

Hotel Frederiksminde

You might think it odd that a baltic hotel has made a list of the best day trips from Copenhagen. But wait, hear me out for a second. This isn’t an ordinary hotel. 

There are two main reasons to head here for a day trip. First, it’s set in a pristine (and historical) setting. The hotel’s beside a spectacular section of Præstø Fjord (more detail on that soon), as well as a nice beach.

The second reason to visit Hotel Frederiksminde is for the cuisine. This hotel hosts some of the best gastronomy in the southern half of the Denmark. They focus on local produce and ingredients and have held a Michelin start since 2016.

The Baltik Hotel Frederiksminde works great as a vacation getaway from Copenhagen as well as a day trip.

Præstø Fjord

Since we already mentioned Præstø Fjord, let’s take this opportunity to go more in-depth. The fjord’s a magnificent area of Denmark filled with outdoor adventures. Spend your day fishing, swimming, diving, kayaking, or kicking back and relaxing. There’s even a chance you’ll spot seals as you wander the beaches by Roneklint and Fedhavnen.

Præstø Fjord’s a striking area of Denmark. And a wonderful day trip from Copenhagen. A day spent in the flawless landscape of the inlet might be one of your most treasured souvenirs.

Faxe Limestone Quarry (Faxe Kalkbrud)

Lying just east of Faxe, you’ll find this famous limestone quarry. The quarry’s a little deceiving, as 60 million years ago it was a seabed. If we could time travel back all those millions of years, we would find quarry teeming with endless sea creatures like sharks, crocodiles, squids, coral, and thousands of other sea animals.

There’s one great adventure when visiting Faxe that makes it a worthy day trip. Rent a hammer and chisel and head into the quarry on your own personal quest. A quest to find shark teeth, muscle shells, and other fossils that date back before recorded time. Or check out the found fossils at the Faxe Geological Museum.

Once you’re done, head into Faxe for some great local shopping, and minor sightseeing.


Næstved a city that sits in the southern part of Zealand (Sjælland). The city roots date back to 2,500 years ago. Nestled on the bank of the Suså River, this city has some remarkable medieval sites that visitors will fall in love with. 

There’s the Benedictine monastery, Sankt Peder Church, the vestiges of a medieval hospice – which now doubles as the local museum. There’s also nearby Rønnebæksholm and Gavnø Castle. Both we will talk about later. 
Næstved around an hour from Copenhagen. Today the city is an integral commercial and shopping center in Southern Zealand. With epic shopping, and a long history you might think that it’s a big city. However  the Næstved population sits over 80,000.
Pro tip, Næstved pronunciation:  [ˈnestve̝ð]) In English sounds like – Nest / Ved

Næstved Map

næstved, denmark to copenhagen

Driving you can reach Næstved in a little over an hour.  

For those without car, you’ll need to take a bus as there is no direct train. Buses take around 1 and a half to two hours. 


Rønnebæksholm, the most popular site in Næstved will take up the majority of your day trip to Southern Zealand. Rønnebæksholm’s. Sitting just outside the city, this old manor house is surrounded by a lovely green landscape. The house also has an old art, all that features four exhibits (which focuses on modern art).

The manor grounds are perfect for wandering, the milky white mansion house is built in a neo-gothic style. There also a workshop, cafe, and shop.

Gavnø Castle

We touched on Gavnø Castle (Or Gavnø Slot) a little when we mentioned the tulip festival. However, this fairy tale castle deserves its own entry as the tulip festival isn’t year-round.

Gavnø Castle was formerly used as a convent for noble virgins. The foundations of the castle date back over 600 years ago, and the castle was built in the Rococo style. The castle has interesting art installations and the largest private selection of paintings in Northern Europe. Of course, being the home of Denmarks Tuilps Fesitval – the castle grounds are nothing short of spectacular. One site in Gavnø Castle that can’t be missed si Slotskapellet, the castle most vivacious chapel in Denmark.

Gavnø Castle Map

næstved, denmark to copenhagen

Bus is the quickest way to reach Gavnø Castle. Buses take around two hours. However, for those with a car you will only have an hour drive. 

Vallø Slotskro

Another foddie day trip from Copenhagen is to Vallø Slotskro. Recently mentioned in the White Guide as one of the best restaurants in Denmark. The foods severed with a delicate touch and a lot of love. The castles restaurants known across the country for their amazing wine selection – which is always a perk. 

As a bonus, the restaurant also offers a perfect view of the Vallø Castle. All of this comes together to form a magical experience.

Råbylille Beach

Located close to Mon and Elmelunde, Råbylille beach teeming with beauty, space, and atmosphere.

Råbylille beach has emerged as one of the most family-friendly beaches in Denmark. Those who want to head to a beach with little ones should consider Råbylille beach. 

Space isn’t an issue at Råbylille beach. This beach is wide and long, giving everyone enough room to spread out.

There we go! 56 wonderful day trips from Copenhagen. Any of these trips will enrich your holiday to Copenhagen., increase you appreciation  and foster a deeper love for Denmark. 

What do you think? What’s the first place on this list your heading?