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Welcome to Copenhagen Rocks! The latest and greatest blog exploring Denmark’s capital inside and out. Not only will you discover the best things to do in Copenhagen, but you’ll also get the latest Copenhagen news, blogs, travel tips. 

The sole purpose of this site is to help you discover everything that Copenhagen offers. With new posts and Copenhagen spots added weekly! 


Blog Posts

What is Sweden Famous for? 41 Things Sweden Has Given the World

What is Sweden Famous For? 41 Swedish Claims to Fame “What is Sweden famous for?” Wait, you’re saying to yourself “I thought this was a Copenhagen blog….right?”. So why am I talking about Sweden? Well, as the two countries butt up against each other it is a question worth asking and answering. In fact, most people traveling to Copenhagen also

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copenhagen hostel

14 Best Hostels in Copenhagen

14 Best Hostels in Copenhagen (NEW 2020) The hostels in Copenhagen might be some of the best in all of Europe. And trust me, I know. During my 8 year tenure of traveling the world, I’ve stayed in hundreds of hostels. These hostels range from an earth-shattering, dirty $3 a night hostel in Nepal – which had a faint smell

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Winter in Copenhagen

Discover the Best time to Visit Copenhagen Denmark

Weather in Denmark varies greatly by season; so picking the best time to visit Copenhagen is vital to pulling off a successful trip! As we will discover throughout the course of this post; I think March, May, July, and August are the best times of the year to visit Copenhagen. Although, there’s no blanket answer. We are all different, and

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I'm really looking forward to playing in Copenhagen again. Last time I stayed as long as I could, took pictures, signed autographs, and hung out until they through me out of the place!



Getting to Copenhagen

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Best Day Trips from Copenhagen

Discover the best 56-day trips from Copenhagen. You'll also discover some of Sweden best cities.​

Best Bike Rentals in Copenhagen

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The Best Things to do in Copenhagen

There are hundreds of things to do in Copenhagen!
We are always updating the list as we discover new things.

The Best Hostels in Copenhagen

These are the 14 best hostels to stay in when visiting Copenhagen in 2020.

A Breif History of the City

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Why Copenhagen, you ask. Why not? 

Copenhagen’s an artistic, energetic, and fun city.It’s a diverse city filled with some of the best neighborhoods and dining in the world. 

Here are a few highlights of exploring Copenhagen!

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Stephen Schreck. A born and bred travel writer 

For the last 8 years I’ve been traveling across the entire world and writing about my adventures on various websites and blog. 

Nowadays, I spend most of my time outside Denmark’s capital.  

I’m also the brains behind Copenhagen Rocks, one of the most popular blogs in Copenhagen, about Copenhagen. 

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